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Fluid Mechanics is that section of applied mechanics, concerned with the statics and dynamics of liquids and gases.

A knowledge of fluid mechanics is essential for the chemical engineer, because the majority of chemical processing operations are conducted either partially or totally in the fluid phase.

The handling of liquids is much simpler, much cheaper, and much less troublesome than handling solids.

Even in many operations a solid is handled in a finely divided state so that it stays in suspension in a fluid.

Fluid StaticsWhich treats fluids in the equilibrium state of no shear stress

Fluid MechanicsWhich treats when portions of fluid are in motion relative to other parts.


In everyday life, we recognize three states of matter:solid,liquid and gas. Although different in many respects, liquids and gases have a common characteristic in which they differ from solids: they are fluids, lacking the ability of solids to offer a permanent resistance to a deforming force.

fluid is a substance which deforms continuously under the action of shearing forces, however small they may be.Conversely, it follows that:
If a fluid is at rest, there can be no shearing forces acting and, therefore, all forces in the fluid must be perpendicular to the planes upon which they act.

SK Mondal fluid mechanics notes Content

Chapter – 1: Properties of Fluids
Chapter – 2: Pressure and Its Measurements
Chapter – 3: Hydrostatic Forces on Surfaces
Chapter – 4: Buoyancy and Flotation
Chapter – 5: Fluid Kinematics
Chapter – 6: Fluid Dynamics
Chapter – 7: Dimensional & Model Analysis
Chapter – 8: Boundary Layer Theory
Chapter – 9: Laminar Flow
Chapter – 10: Turbulent Flow in Pipes
Chapter – 11: Flow Through Pipes
Chapter – 12: Flow Through Orifices and Mouthpieces
Chapter – 13: Flow Over Notches and Weirs
Chapter – 14: Flow Around Submerged Bodies-Drag and Lift
Chapter – 15: Compressible Flow
Chapter – 16: Flow Through Open Channel
Chapter – 17: Force Exerted on Surfaces
Chapter – 18: Hydraulic Turbine
Chapter – 19: Centrifugal Pump
Chapter – 20: Reciprocating Pumps
Chapter – 21: Miscellaneous Hydraulic Machines

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