Living in a Dormitory VS an Apartment: Comparing Options for a Student

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Another important issue is connected with housing. It’s good if close relatives live in the city where the university is located, and you can live there while studying. And if this is not possible, the student has two options: live in a hostel with classmates or rent an apartment for a long time. Without the appropriate experience, it is quite difficult for a first-year student to make a choice.

The advantages of an apartment 

The advantages of living in a rented apartment are obvious.

1. Comfortable conditions

The choice of rental apartments in any city is so large that you can choose the right variant for any requirements. A simple and clean apartment or luxury apartments with expensive modern repairs —the choice is yours. You can even rent an empty apartment and bring your favorite chair or desk with you. In addition, in rental housing, it is easy to maintain order and create coziness because there is no one to disturb it.

2. Any area of the city

If the hostel is tied to a specific place, then you can rent an apartment wherever you like. Quiet sleeping area or noisy center, with a view of the city or the park, closer to shopping centers or attractions — there are no restrictions.

3. Freedom

Independent living in rental housing is complete freedom of action. You can return home at any time of the day or night, you can invite guests in any quantity, your parents can come and stay for the night without any problems.

4. Calmness

It is unlikely that anyone will interfere you in a rented apartment. Living separately, you can safely prepare for classes, complete all tasks, watch a movie or listen to your favorite music. There is also no need to worry about a cooked lunch or dinner, as well as about the safety of personal belongings.

Obviously, it will be convenient for a student to live in a rented apartment. However, this accommodation option has one significant drawback, which is the cost of rent. To rent an apartment is much more expensive than to live in a hostel.

The advantages of the room in a hostel

Many nonresident students choose accommodation in a hostel because this variant has enough advantages.

1. Inexpensive

As a rule, payment for accommodation in a hostel is purely symbolic, especially when compared with the prices of rented apartments. In addition, there are preferential categories of students who receive a dorm room absolutely free.

2. Fun

Residence in a hostel is communication not only with roommates, but also with people who live on the same floor, and even higher or lower. In one room, students celebrate a birthday, in another, they watch comedy, in the third, they had a pajama party — you definitely won’t be bored in the hostel.

3. The help of friends

If the student cannot do his homework, he can turn to a smart neighbor for help or go upstairs and ask a second-year student for his old synopsis. 

4. Close to the university

A student building is usually located on the campus or within walking distance. 

The disadvantages of the room in a hostel

It is said that a hostel can become a real school of life for a student. On the one hand, this fact is called an advantage, because any difficulties make a person stronger. On the other hand, not everyone likes such a ‘school’.

Thus, living in a hostel has several other significant disadvantages.

1. Lack of comfort

Outdated repairs, mold or fungus in the shower and toilet, cockroaches, old furniture, as well as drafts and low temperatures in the rooms in winter are not the best conditions. There are, of course, exceptions — modern hostels where fresh repairs are made. But such comfort is rare.

2. Theft

In the hostel, you cannot leave unattended money, phone, and other equipment. Anyone can enter the room, and then it is impossible to find these things. The same goes for lunch or dinner left in the kitchen. 

3. Strict restrictions

Accommodation in a hostel is accompanied by a number of rules (many guests should not be invited, no return after 22.00, noisy parties should not be organized), for non-observance of which there is a risk of eviction.

What to choose?

If a future student is used to living in a modern apartment, having his own room and complete freedom of action, it will be difficult for him to get used to the conditions of a hostel. The life in a hostel will be pleasant for those who want to have a large social circle, can easily tolerate uncomfortable conditions and concentrate in any environment. But only time and experience will make sure of this. 

Therefore, it is very difficult to give a definite answer to the question of where the student should live. The choice largely depends on personal preferences.

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