[PDF] GATE 2018 ME Previous year papers solution

Download Previous year papers for GATE 2018 Mechanical Engineering. Download GATE 2018 exam papers for Mechanical Engineering for practice these papers will help you to boost your confidence as well help you to gain some marks in GATE 2018 exam.

GATE 2018 (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is an online examination conducted across the country to test the candidates in various undergraduate subjects of Engineering, Technology or Architecture, and post graduate subjects of Science. This exam is a gateway for the students to secure admission in post graduate programs like M.Tech, M.E, M.S, direct PhD, etc. in higher education institutions that are centrally funded.

The GATE exam is jointly conducted by the seven IITs (Delhi, Bombay, Kharagpur, Kanpur, Guwahati, Roorkee and Madras) and IISc (Indian Institute of Science). The responsibility for conduct and coordination of the GATE 2017 Exam has been given to IIT Roorkee.

Download Previous year papers for GATE 20188 Mechanical Engineering



GATE ME 2016

[su_label]Paper[/su_label] ME 01    [su_label type=”success”]Answer Key[/su_label] ME01


[su_label]Paper[/su_label] ME 02    [su_label type=”success”]Answer Key[/su_label] ME 02


[su_label]Paper[/su_label] ME 03    [su_label type=”success”]Answer Key[/su_label] ME 03


GATE ME 2015

[su_label]Paper[/su_label] ME01    [su_label type=”success”]Answer Key[/su_label]  ME01


[su_label]Paper[/su_label] ME02    [su_label type=”success”]Answer Key[/su_label]  ME02


[su_label]Paper[/su_label] ME03    [su_label type=”success”]Answer Key[/su_label]  ME03


GATE ME 2014

[su_label]Paper[/su_label] ME01    [su_label type=”success”]Answer Key[/su_label]  ME01 


[su_label]Paper[/su_label] ME02    [su_label type=”success”]Answer Key[/su_label]  ME02 


[su_label]Paper[/su_label] ME03    [su_label type=”success”]Answer Key[/su_label]  ME03


[su_label]Paper[/su_label] ME04    [su_label type=”success”]Answer Key[/su_label]  ME04


GATE ME 2013

[su_label]Paper[/su_label] GATE ME 2013   [su_label type=”success”]Answer Key[/su_label]  GATE ME 2013


GATE ME 2012 [su_label]Paper[/su_label]
GATE ME 2011 [su_label]Paper[/su_label]
GATE ME 2010 [su_label]Paper[/su_label]
GATE ME 2009 [su_label]Paper[/su_label]
GATE ME 2008 [su_label]Paper[/su_label]
GATE ME 2007 [su_label]Paper[/su_label]
GATE ME 2006 [su_label]Paper[/su_label]
GATE ME 2005 [su_label]Paper[/su_label]
GATE ME 2004 [su_label]Paper[/su_label]
GATE ME 2003 [su_label]Paper[/su_label]
GATE ME 2002 [su_label]Paper[/su_label]
GATE ME 2001 [su_label]Paper[/su_label]
GATE ME 2000 [su_label]Paper[/su_label]
GATE ME 1999 [su_label]Paper[/su_label]
GATE ME 1998 [su_label]Paper[/su_label]
GATE ME 1997 [su_label]Paper[/su_label]
GATE ME 1996 [su_label]Paper[/su_label]
GATE ME 1995 [su_label]Paper[/su_label]
GATE ME 1994 [su_label]Paper[/su_label]
GATE ME 1993 [su_label]Paper[/su_label]
GATE ME 1992 [su_label]Paper[/su_label]


GATE ME 1991 [su_label]Paper[/su_label]

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