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SK Mondal notes are very popular for Competitive exams and it is qualitative notes so it is worth to read it.

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Before you download sk mondal notes let me tell you i have done research about sk mondal notes. on quora someone asked a question..

Are SK Mondal notes sufficient for IES and GATE?

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Ans-1 Notes of any single subject or topic are never sufficient for success of a highly competitive examination like ESE, GATE 2018 or any national level test.
You need to have live lectures,complete study material,national level Test Series,Doubt Clearing facility,mentoring, motivation, interview guidance and many more things. So don’t count on only few notes.

Ans-2 Atleast 20-30k students are reading his notes every year and total seats in IES Mechanical are 120-130. How can they be sufficient in such case. You have to go through different study material specially questions for practice and that is where books come.

so we came across a result that we should not relay on one or two things we need to keep practicing and increasing as much as concepts we can. you may download Made Easy GATE Study material click here



GATE 2018 notes by SK Mondal sir google drive :


Direct download GATE 2018 notes by SK Mondal sir

Name Size
Cutting Tools 713.9 KB
Fluid Mechanics & Machines IES GATE IAS 20 Years Question and Answers 5.7 MB
Fluid Mechanics by S K Mondal 3.5 MB
GATE Mathematics Questions All Branch By S K Mondal 2.4 MB
Heat Transfer IES GATE IAS 20 Years Question and Answers By S K Mondal 2.2 MB
IC Engine IES GATE IAS 20 Years Question and Answers 2.2 MB
Industrial Engineering By S K Mondal 23.0 MB
Limit Tolerance Fits 4.1 MB
Machine Design IES GATE IAS 20 Years Question and Answers By S K Mondal 1.4 MB
Material Science IISc 3.7 MB
Materials Question From My Book 668.6 KB
Metal forming 3.2 MB
Metrology Solved Examples 6.0 MB
NC-CNC-Conventional 147.3 KB
Non tradition Machining 6.0 MB
Power-Plant-20-Years-GATE-IES-IAS-Q-A 3.8 MB
Production Enginering 1.7 MB
Question Bank Set -2 3.1 MB
RAC IES GATE IAS 20 Years Question and Answers By S K Mondal 2.8 MB
Sheet metal operation 2.7 MB
Theory of Metal Cutting Solved Problems 7.0 MB
Thermodynamics by S K Mondal 1.2 MB
Tool life, Tool wear machinability 791.0 KB
Welding Complete PPT with Question 3.0 MB


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