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Free download Electron Beam Machining PPT. Electron Beam Machining is a non-conventional machining process which have significant MMR in Non conventional machining process. so download Electron Beam Machining PPT which will helpful in seminar and presentation. But before that we will check about EBM process.

The source of energy in electron beam machining is high velocity electrons, which strikes the surface of the workpiece and generate heat. Electrons escapes from the hot surface and a voltage of 50 to 200 kV helps to accelerate them. These high energy electrons possess high energy density generally in the order of 10ˆ4 kW/mm² . Thin and high energy stream strikes the workpiece . As a result the kinetic energy of the electrons are converted to heat energy. This heat energy is more than sufficient to melt and even vaporize any material. Electrons can penetrate only a few atomic layers of the metals and can melt metal up to a depth of 25 mm.  The electron beam traveling at a speed of ¾ of the velocity of the sound is focused on the material to be machined. To focus the electron beams electro-static or electro magnetic lenses are used. Generally electron beam machining is done in a high vacuum chamber to avoid the unnecessary scattering of the electrons . The following figure shows the schematic diagram of electron beam machining process.



  • It is used for drilling synthetic jewels in the watch industry.
  • Holes as small as 0.002 mm diameter can be produced in hard synthetic sapphires.
  • Electron beam can be suitably used for welding small pieces of highly reactive and refractory metals.
  • For making fine gas orifices in space nuclear reactors and turbine blades for supersonic aero engines, it is used
  • Wire drawing dies, flow orifices could be produced by this process.
  • Fine copper wire can be welded to in transistors.

Download Electron Beam Machining PPT


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