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Diesel Engines is heavy automobile (similar to buses, trucks), stationary power plants, big industrial units, and ships generally function on diesel cycle or stable pressure cycle. It is launch via Dr. Rudolph Diesel in 1897. Diesel engines generally use heavy lubricates. Diesel engine is the mainly ordinary. In diesel cycle engines simply air compressed in the cylinder to a high pressure, temperature of this dense air become suitably high to ignite fuel. Diesel is inject in cylinder on the end of compression stroke which itself ignites suitable to the high temperature of the compressed air. It have no spark plug in Diesel engine.


An internal combustion engine transforms the chemical energy in fuel to mechanical rotational energy. Diesel engines, which have been serving mankind for over a century, are the most versatile and economical IC engines.

Rudolf Diesel built his first well-known prototype of the high-compression engine in 1897. Since that time, the diesel engine has evolved into one of the world’s most capable and reliable forms of power generation.

In diesel engines, internal combustion results in expansion of high-temperature, high-pressure gases, which in turn move pistons, transforming chemical energy into mechanical energy.

To release the chemical energy in diesel effectively, an atomized form of the fuel is made to contact with high temperature and high pressure air. The chemical energy release (Combustion) is shown in the Fig.1. In diesel engines, this energy is effectively transferred as mechanical rotational energy.So the operation of a diesel engine is all about producing high temperature and high pressure air continuously. We will see how this is achieved in this article.

The power generation process in four stroke diesel engine is also divided into four parts. Each part is known as piston stroke. In IC engine, stroke is referred to the maximum distance travel by the piston in a single direction. The piston is free to move only in upward and downward direction. In four stroke engine the piston move two time up and down and the crankshaft move two complete revolution to complete four piston cycle. These are suction stroke, compression stroke, expansion stroke and exhaust stroke.


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Diesel Engines



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